Since its establishment in 1584, Uppingham School of UK has been a pioneer in every aspect of education … and up until its plan to expand with Uppingham Cairo in Egypt 2024, the pioneering steps of Uppingham … were never ceased. 
This campaign aims at showing glimpses of Uppingham’s heritage by highlighting its leadership in diverse fields to the extent that it was simply a place where new history was constantly being written and so many “first” steps, are still being taken. 
The campaign line “The Place of Firsts” is a double meaning of Uppighams’ many pioneering acts across history and its uprooting belief that every student has the potential to be “A First” in some field. This philosophy is ultimately what moves Uppingham to invest in students’ educational, athletic, and artistic skills all the way.
Art Director : Mohamed Abdelwahed 
Art Director : Noor Mokhtar
Copy Writer : Fagr Ali
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